“Kong: Skull Island” -2017

So this is probably a bit of an ‘adult’ movie to include here, but I figured I’d do a write up on it anyway.  Kong has been out in theaters for a couple weeks now, and the boys and I hit it up last weekend. Who doesn’t love a good action flick with a giant gorilla, right?

My 12 year old desperately wanted to see this, and when we were about half hour into the movie I began to question the wisdom in bringing him! I’ll just say that the PG-13 rating is most definitely deserved. There’s a spectacular multi-helicopter crash scene when the crew first arrives on the island, lots of bodies flying, getting squished, helicopters flying around out of control all willy-nilly. Lots of people get eaten/killed by various assorted creatures, including one who gets impaled through the mouth by a giant spider, and the ‘skull-chasers’, one of which barfs up a human skull owl-pellet style. So for little kids I’m gonna have to say this isn’t for them. My 12 year old was definitely on the cusp of being too young to be there.

Kong starts with a WWII crash scene. An American and a Japanese pilot become stranded together on a remote island, where they meet Kong. Cut away to the Vietnam era and John Goodman’s character who wants to investigate an uncharted island and gets a military escort to take him there. A lady photographer, some scientists and a British ‘tracker’ round out the crew. They get far more than they bargained for on an island where what’s on the surface isn’t necessarily what’s out to kill you. The group has two days to make it to the other side of the island for their pick-up rendezvous, and along the way they meet up with John C. Reilly’s character (the now 17 year-older WWII pilot).

Is the story/situation “believable”? Hell no. But that’s okay, it’s Kong. It’s a movie about a giant gorilla, just go with it. There’s awesome helicopter scenes, lots of explosions, Kong picking up the helpless girl…. and arguably the best part of the entire movie: the soundtrack. My parents were hippies and I have a big love of Vietnam era music. This movie’s soundtrack is kick ass.  Here’s a link to a website with the songs: Kong Soundtrack 

If you liked 2014’s “Godzilla” (as I did), you’ll probably like “Kong”. If you thought “Godzilla” was silly and dumb, you’ll probably think the same here. Bonus: at the end of “Kong” there’s an easter egg preview of an upcoming “Kong vs. Godzilla”. We’ll see how that plays out!

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