“Megamind” (2010)

We’ve been seeing trailers for “Megamind” in theaters for months now, and went to see it this afternoon. We were not the only ones in town with this idea, and shared the theater with 2 kids’ parties and many other people, including the delightful little blond girls behind us who talked & kicked my kids’ seats through the entire movie.. but I digress and shouldn’t preach about proper theater etiquette here.

“Megamind” takes many of it’s concepts from “Superman”, with the baby being sent from the planet that’s being destroyed, a metal that is the superhero’s “kryptonite”, a lady reporter constantly being rescued… despite that, “Megamind” did still manage to bring out the laughs with several pop culture references, including a very amusing one parodying the famous “Obama” poster. It’s a feel-good, make-you-smile film that is safe for the whole family, no especially scary or lewd moments that warrant any warnings. The plot/character twists at the end give it a breath of fresh air when it needs it, and it, of course, does end with Good conquering Evil, but I’ll leave the specifics for you to see for yourself.

I normally can not STAND Will Ferrell, he annoys the heck out of me, however, he gives a STELLAR vocal performance as Megamind. Honestly, this is the best Will Ferrell movie I think I’ve ever seen! My 5 year old loves “Land of the Lost”, but, he’s 5, so what does he know.. It’s cool to see (well, okay, hear) Jonah Hill with some Evil-ness, breaking out a bit from his goofy-guy roles. He carries his role very well.

Perhaps not quite worthy of it’s Mega-Advertising promises, it IS a solidly funny, enjoyable movie that will make its way into our collection. That is, whenever Dreamworks gets around to releasing it to DVD, which, with their track record of release times will probably be about the time the kids are going back to school next fall. (I say this with much irritation as “How to Train Your Dragon” FINALLY made it to DVD on Oct 15th, though having been released in theaters in MARCH. Meanwhile Disney’s “Toy Story 3” was released to DVD on Nov 2nd, and it was in theaters in mid-June.)

Drat, there I go digressing again, that’s twice in this review. Anywho, I do recommend “Megamind” as a delightful way to spend an afternoon/evening. Worth seeing: Absolutely.

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