“Tangled” (2010)

I know I’m a bit tardy to the party with a review of “Tangled”, as it’s been out in theaters for several weeks now. However, with it technically being a Disney princess movie, I couldn’t embarrass my boys by taking them to see it if they were going to get beat up in school for having been seen at a princess movie.

Rest assured though, parents of boys, that “Tangled” isn’t ALL princess fluff. It does have enough action sequences and story plot to hold the attention of younger school-age boys. My two liked it a lot, particularly the little chameleon character. He was pretty cute. There were a few too many show tunes in it for me, but all things considered (it IS a Disney princess movie) I can’t complain too loudly about it.

The story of Rapunzel is a well-known children’s story, and the Disney writers & animators did a great job of keeping it “old” while making it “new”. I did find the hair a bit creepy though… something about 100′ of hair behind someone just looked a bit strange. However, it wouldn’t be the same story without the hair, so take it for what it is. The rumor is that Disney renamed the movie to “Tangled” from “Rapunzel” and incorporated more action scenes so the film would have more mass appeal (ie more appeal to the “boy” audience). I guess it worked, as if it had been TOO ‘girly’, I wouldn’t have taken my boys to a theater to see it, and would have waited for the DVD release.

Typical for Disney, there were several “scary” scenes it it. There have to be, to properly tell the story. They’re very mild and done such that I don’t think any kid would be SCARED scared. “Tangled” is a good typical Disney kids movie. A good story, cute animation, show tunes (too many for my taste, but little girls would probably eat it up), it’s the Disney recipe for a successful production. (Not to mention the $$ from related product sales…)

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