“The Adventures of Tintin” (2011)

“The Adventures of Tintin” is fresh off it’s victory of  being awarded “Best Animated Feature Film” at the Golden Globes, and I will agree that it is deserving of the award. Don’t let “Animated” make you think it’s a “Kiddie” movie though, not at all. This isn’t “Kung Fu Panda” or “Toy Story”, this is an adventure/action movie that little kids (under 6 or so) simply won’t “get”.  There’s gunfire, abduction, a plane crash, sword fights, cannonballs, alcoholism, and a creepy old mansion that could be quite scary to a little kid. As always, every kid is different in their “scare factor” and ability to follow plot, but my best recommendation is for about age 5-6-ish and over. My almost-7 year old and 8 1/2 year old were totally fine with it, and LOVED it.

The plane crash scene was even more unrealistic than the plane crash in “Castaway” (turbine blades still spinning after hitting the water?! Really?) but again I reminded myself it’s just a movie and to put my pilot certificate back in my wallet and just shut up and enjoy the movie. The topic of alcoholism was a surprising (and actually fairly integral) part of the plot. It wasn’t “in your face” or anything, but noticeable, and can be a conversation starter with kids about drinking.

“Tintin” hold viewers’ attention, is visually pleasing and pays homage to the Tintin cartoons with a artist’s drawing in the opening scene (very cute).  The actors were well-matched to their vocal parts, the voices fit perfectly with the characters. The animation was superb, “real” enough to tell the story and yet “cartoony” enough that you remember the “Tintin” history.  Enjoy the jaunt around the world with Tintin & Snowy, it’s an adventure that is worth watching, even if you don’t have kids to take with you!


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