“Nanny McPhee Returns” (2010)

It had been a VERY bad day with the kids.  Very bad.  Badder than bad.  (Yes I know badder isn’t a word.)  As we drove home from a mid-day outing I thought what better thing to do on a day when they’re being naughtier than Hitler’s own spawn (yes, I also know Hitler didn’t have any kids, it’s a metaphor) than take them to see a movie about other naughty kids and watch them get the smack down from dear Nanny McPhee.

The first Nanny McPhee we didn’t see in the theaters, but we do have it on the Apple TV and we watched it last week.  Sequels sometimes are a huge letdown in comparison to their originals but this sequel holds its own.  It keeps the charm and charisma of the first while bringing in an entirely new story.  A tie-in to the first movie is made at the very end, but I won’t spoil it for you here.

Plenty of good “lessons” to be learned in “Nanny McPhee Returns”, sharing, not fighting, working together, etc.  I like to use these opportunities to talk with my little Animals about specific ways we can bring those lessons to work in our own day-to-day life.  Particularly the not fighting lesson.  And the sharing lesson… what I wouldn’t give for a magic walking stick like she has.  That would be REALLY handy most days!

I’ll give “Nanny McPhee Returns” a must-see rating.  I know it’s getting to be fall and the kids are headed back to school and all the hustle & bustle that goes with it, but if you’re looking for a couple hours escape with the kids this is a great way to spend it!

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